Collective History


Step into the vibrant world of Knew Conscious, where the alchemy of interdisciplinary arts sparks a revolution of creativity and community. This isn’t your typical gallery; it’s a pulsating nucleus that fuses the universal vibrations of visual and performing arts, inviting kindred spirits to embark on a journey through life, unapologetically embracing the boundless creative spirit within us all.

Knew Conscious isn’t just a space; it’s a celebration—a jubilant ode to art and human consciousness. Nestled in the beating heart of Denver’s RiNo Art District, this 501(c)(7) non-profit organization, crafted by artists for artists, transcends the mundane. It’s a membership-based social club, a kaleidoscopic haven where creativity and mindfulness collide in a symphony of events, workshops, and talks. Join us in this exhilarating quest for discovery and enlightenment.

Picture a dynamic canvas where worlds collide—intimate musical performances by world-class artists resonate through the air, and a multifaceted space, adorned with the visionary artwork of our founder, Kurt Redeker, unfolds before your eyes. Redeker, a visionary extraordinaire, birthed Knew Conscious in 2010 at 27th & Walnut, initially a gallery showcasing his mind-bending multi-medium artwork. His creations, described as “alien,” come to life through digital art, patterns, and vibrations, encased in light boxes that illuminate the gallery.

But Redeker craved more. He yearned to shatter the boundaries that confined art enthusiasts to passive observers. Leveraging his passion for music, a universally understood language of art, he orchestrated a symphony of creativity that drew people into the space, encouraging them to dance with the masterpieces on the walls. “I used the vibration of the music to bring more people into an art space to allow them to feel more comfortable with viewing the masterpieces on the wall,” he declares with contagious enthusiasm.

Evolving to a larger space at 21st & Lawrence, Knew Conscious remained steadfast in its commitment to nurturing a diverse community of artists and patrons. The gallery expanded its repertoire, presenting exhibitions by nationally recognized artists, orchestrating street festivals titled Ascension, and curating the extraordinary Alien Life Fashion Show. Here, fashion designers draw inspiration from Redeker’s distinctive art, transforming the runway into a spectacle of otherworldly creativity.

Today, Knew Conscious stands tall at 2350 Lawrence St., a thriving testament to its dynamic evolution. With a membership base flourishing week by week, performances that defy convention, and accolades pouring in from artists, media, and industry professionals, we proudly stand as a peerless artistic hub. Step into our world—an exclusive atmosphere that beckons anyone with an open mind to join the kaleidoscopic celebration of art and consciousness. This is not just a club; it’s a living, breathing masterpiece.