Collective History


Knew Conscious applies the power of interdisciplinary arts to inspire creativity and cultivate community. Using the universal vibrations of visual and performing arts to bring like-minded artists and patrons of the arts together, Knew Conscious invites its members to walk through life authentically harnessing the creative spirit that lives in all of us.


Knew Conscious is more than just a gallery, it’s a community that celebrates art and human consciousness. Our space hosts a variety of events, workshops, and talks that explore the intersection of creativity and mindfulness. Come join us on this journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Knew Conscious is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization created for artists, by artists. Located in the heart of Denver’s RiNo Art District, the membership-based social club serves as an interdisciplinary creative hub presenting intimate musical performances by world-class artists and creative programming in a multi-faceted space adorned with the artwork of founder, Kurt Redeker.

Founded by Redeker in 2010, Knew Conscious planted its first roots at 27th & Walnut operating solely as an art gallery showcasing Redeker’s signature multi-medium artwork. Described as “alien,” he creates digital artwork based on patterns and vibrations that are then framed in light boxes that illuminate his artwork. As he invited guest artists to display their work too, he realized it was a challenge to get people to come purely to view the art. Redeker decided to leverage his love for music, a medium of art that is universally accepted and understood, to bring more attention to visual the artists who displayed their work at the gallery.

“I used the vibration of the music to bring more people into an art space to allow them to feel more comfortable with viewing the masterpieces on the wall.” -Kurt Redeker, founder.

Eventually moving to a larger space on 21st & Lawrence, Knew Conscious’ remained committed to cultivating a community of artists & patrons of the arts branching out into more ways to bridge the arts.  Knew Conscious has presented numerous exhibitions by nationally recognized artists, produced a series of street festivals entitled Ascension, and presented the recurring Alien Life Fashion Show, in which fashion designers produce runway looks based on Redeker’s work.


Today, Knew Conscious is located at 2350 Lawrence St. and is thriving more than ever. With a membership base growing week after week, exceptionally curated performances that are not bound by a single style or format, and prise from artists, media, and industry professionals alike, we are proud to serve as a truly one-of-a-kind artistic hub providing an exclusive atmosphere that’s inclusive of anybody with an open mind.