Dan Bishop

Dan Bishop is an architect based in Denver, Colorado. Since his formative years growing up in a small town in Ohio, art was always a passion as he created everything from snow sculptures to bizarre Lego creations, and drawings. In high school, he took multiple years of woodshop and general art classes and delved into multiple sculpture classes during his senior year. He continued to study sculpture, ceramics, and bronze casting while in college adjacent to the architecture and model classes he was taking to earn his degree.

Dan got his architecture degree at the University of Cincinnati in 2000 and moved to Denver after graduating. It became quickly apparent that he was an amazing model builder. One of the models that was to be sold to a client impressed a partner at the firm enough to have him help build a mountain cabin for him. He had limited construction experience from a high school summer job prior to this. As a result of this new opportunity, his interest in building and how things go together was really ignited. His focus at work steered into the detailed direction of how buildings get built and his new construction skills led him into buying a house in need of repair and taking on building a large garage with apartments along with renovations to the home.

The thing that brought Dan and Kurt together in a collaborative role started with the desire to make things and looking for a different creative outlet. The two had been friends for a few years initially uniting while Kurt was a graphic designer and he was framing concert posters. What started as getting old or pre-made frames led to Bishop drawing and carving designs into the matting inspired by Kurt’s art. Eventually, this led to creating frames from scratch. Once Kurt started his digital artwork it seemed a natural fit so he bought a print and framed it. The rest is what you can see on the walls at Knew Conscious.