Knew Conscious Tech Pack


(4) 20amp circuits on stage
(No 3 phase tie in available)


Stage Dims

20’wide x 16’ deep
11’ Trim height to center stage beam
16’ Stage height from Floor


FOH Booth

35 feet back from stage. There is no room for guest consoles. Any guest production will need to
be set up in front of booth.



Console: MA2 on PC Midi w/ command and fader wing
4 – RGB LED par for front wash
10 – Big-eye (B-eye replica)
4 – 6 Robe Spikies
2 – 16w lasers
3 – RGB strobes


PA Main Venue:
(6) Outline Butterfly C.D.H. 483 (3 per side), flown
(4) Dowlen Proprietary Dual 18” Sub with McCauley drivers
(2) Traction Hawk 8 for delay speakers
6 Crest 9200 Amps Mid/Sub Amp
(2x) Lake Contour Processing( L+R+S+F)



(4) self powered mixes available
Available for gallery sound too



FOH: Behringer X32 at with Waves WSG card and DL32 Stage Box via cat5e

Broadcast: Waves LV1 64ch with 36 Digigrid IOX preamps or M32r
*Knew Conscious does not have a separate monitor console and mixes on stage are from FOH



Professional Video Recording w/ 4k Cameras
Blackmagic Designs ATEM Studio HD 8ch Video Switcher with 4 SDI runs available to stage
Magewell USB 3.0 HDMI capture card with HDMI loop out
Dell Gaming PC for Video encoding/streaming through OBS software.
Our cameras rotate in and out depending on needs but they consist of:
Canon C300 mk III
Panasonic s1h
Panasonic S1
Black magic pocket cinema 4K,
Nikon z7
GoPro Hero5
1 camera mounted above FOH 35’ Back from stage
1 camera DSR edge of stage
1 camera MSL edge of stage
1 mobile Go pro or similar that can be placed anywhere on stage
FOH SDI run from control room for stream monitoring is available at FOH booth

*updated June 2023

Knew Conscious Floor Plan

Download Full Floor Plan PDF